Classic Car Restoration By Experts in Essex

Vintage Builds staff have been in the classic car industry for a long time and the experience shows in there work. We take pride in all of the cars that leave our workshop and bringing that pride to every project we undertake makes us the leader in Classic Car Restoration in Essex, We know a lot of owners that also have already restored cars that have some things that just need doing but can’t take them to the local garage as they won’t treat it with the care that a classic enthusiast would; That’s why we have now brought in Classic Car Servicing in Essex which allows classic car owners to bring their car in for an overall check and to see if we could do anything to improve it.

Vintage Builds aims to be the leader in the sector as there are so many companies out there that just can’t do the job right and we see it too many times when we have a car brought into us, check out our Classic Car Restoration page and see if we could do anything for you.


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