Best Citroen HY Catering Idea’s

In recent years we have seen an uproar in catering companies moving towards catering vans instead of stalls and temporary locations, A lot of the reason to this is the licensing and trust that doesn’t come with temporary locations e.g Market stalls. The benefit of a catering van is that you can pitch up in multiple locations but still keep the look and feel of the original kitchen design.

However with the bog-standard catering vehicles, there is the minimal change you can make to the exterior anyway, so people are beginning to play with the look of the outside of these vans making them look a lot more appealing to the general public and hopefully draw more attention to the food you are selling. Here at Vintage Builds we believe we can help with that dilemma by converting old vintage vans like the Citroen HY into fully fledged catering vehicles allowing the traders who used to own market stalls make it in the catering van market; If you check out our Citroen HY For Sale page you will find all the information you need to get started and also a contact form to get in touch if you wish to get a quote.

citroen hy for sale catering conversion retro vintage

We don’t often see these new Citroen HY’s done properly that’s why we pride ourselves on the quality of the builds we create as we don’t want you to lose custom for having little things go wrong. If you are interested in getting information please visit our homepage at the top!


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